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A Better Tomorrow 1986 t-shirt

A Better Tomorrow 1986 t-shirt

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英雄本色 ( Ying huang boon sik) A Better Tomorrow (Le Syndicat du Crime), 1986 directed by John Woo

A fitting tribute to the iconic heroic bloodshed genre and visionary director, John Woo. This shirt serves as a sartorial gateway to the gritty narratives and intense action that defined the genre, epitomized by Woo's "Le Syndicat du Crime" (released as "A Better Tomorrow" in English-speaking regions).

Heroic bloodshed movies are celebrated for their riveting action sequences, intricate storytelling, and morally complex characters, all of which find their quintessence in "A Better Tomorrow." John Woo, a maestro of action cinema, is renowned for his innovative filmmaking style. 

  • Made with medium fabric (6.1 oz/yd² (206.8 g/m²)) 
  • Pre-shrunk cotton for size retention
  • Relaxed fit 

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